Our Philosophy

The key words in our philosophy are challenge, design, quality and satisfaction.

Why challenge? Because we are aware of the challenges involved in seeking new techniques and products that are increasingly environmentally friendly.

Why design? Because this is a complex and dynamic task which requires the integration of the technical, economic and ethical requirements involved in the creation and development of a new product.

Why quality? Because this is a basic feature allowing the properties inherent in the product designed to make it able to satisfy our customers. We have alliances with the best providers of raw materials and we enjoy the trust and support of our suppliers and distributors. All this allows us always to guarantee the quality of our products.

Why satisfaction? Because this is the end result of our optimisation of the various processes involved in achieving excellence.

Innovation, Quality and Excellence.

Did you know that...

D-limonene is a natural, environmentally friendly product with a high degreasing capacity, extracted from the rind of citrus fruit, especially oranges. It is a first-rate substitute for many toxic solvents and has a great range of applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.

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