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D-limonene is a natural, environmentally friendly product with a high degreasing capacity, extracted from the rind of citrus fruit, especially oranges. It is a first-rate substitute for many toxic solvents and has a great range of applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.

An increasing number of studies seem to indicate that d-limonene has preventive effects against carcinoma development, increasing the levels of liver enzymes that purge toxic substances from our bodies.

In recent years it has been in increasing demand, for from this monocyclic terpene some highly interesting compounds can be produced.

If you look at the labels on many toiletries you will see that it is a common ingredient.

It is a widely used product in the cleaning of motherboards and integrated circuits.

It is used increasingly in eliminating parasites such as lice and nits.

New foods have been developed on the basis of limonoids (d-limonene, pinene and eucalyptol) which act as specific chemopreventive agents.

Terpenes such as d-limonene are found in other foods acting as antioxidants, protecting fats, blood or other body fluids from attack by free radicals.

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