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  • D-limonene: one of the commonest natural terpenes in citrus fruit, the chief ingredient of citrus rind and present in a wide range of plants.

    Its most common uses conclude:

    • Manufacture of polymeric resins
    • Disposable babies´ nappies
    • Floor coverings
    • Toothpaste ingredient
    • Inert wetting agent in oil-based pesticides
    • Insect control by contact
    • Flavourings and fragrances
    • Surfactant in cleaning products

  • Orange essential oil: a mixture of citric terpenes obtained from cold-pressed orange rind, with all its aromatic components. A sweet, fresh aroma with a characteristic orangey-yellow hue.

    Its main uses and properties include:

    • Manufacture of polymeric resins
    • Preventing dyspepsia and constipation
    • Steam therapies
    • Relaxant in situations of anxiety
    • Potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
    • Biocide against pests

  • Petitgrain essential oil: widely used in healthcare and perfumery products, and a common ingredient in colognes.

    Its chief properties are:

    • Antiseptic
    • Antispasmodic
    • Refreshing
    • Deodorant
    • Stimulant

  • Oleoresin and other essential oil: oleoresins were the first spice substitutes to be developed and contain all the components present in spices and herbs.

    Their uses notably include:

    • Applications in the pharmaceutical industry as an antimicrobial agent
    • Applications in the food industry

  • Dry pressed orange rind: as an output of the physical process of obtaining orange essential oils and d-limonene, the final residue of orange peel is used, either in raw form or pressed to remove moisture, as cattle feed, as it is a high-energy product with a lot of fibre, sought after by livestock farmers.

  • Oleins: using fatty acids from olives (a by-product of the olive oil sector), we market various products with applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries in making soaps, detergents and creams, and in the chemical industry as an ingredient in paints, varnishes, etc.

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