About us

GLOBALAB I+D, S.L. is a technological company that markets the products of its R&D work, with the capacity to generate and transfer its technology.

We believe that people are our company's main resource for development and innovation and achieving practical day-to-day goals, thanks to our excellent team of professionals.

Our highly qualified technical team can advise you on any of our products and work collaboratively on research and development for tailored products.

GLOBALAB I+D holds patents for its manufacturing processes following years of research and refinement of techniques and methods by its research team, and partnerships with public and private bodies. This has allowed us to successfully implement the procedures currently operating at our facilities.

We are a company committed to quality, the environment and continuous improvement in all of our spheres of action. Our stores and facilities have all the necessary approvals for manufacturing products of the highest quality. We also enjoy the trust and support of our suppliers and distributors.

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